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Clothes For Men Who Live Large


Bulky Boy doesn’t just make clothes for large men. Bulky Boy makes clothes for Men Who Live Large

Bulky Boy makes a premium, cool, casual clothing line that defies the boring fare normally available for the Big and Tall guy. Whether you are a lean and tall size large, a weight lifter who has bulked up to an impressive 3XL, a powerfully massive man wearing a 6XL or anything in between, we’ve got you covered.


Bulky Boy™ is all about the roll. How many ‘neck-rolls’ you got? When we created the Bulky Boy Brand, those two statements inspired us to bring this unique new clothing line for large men to life.

In the early days, Bulky Boy wasn't for everybody. Do you have a neck like a stack of dimes and arms and legs like buggy whips? Does that little cube of pork in a can of beans scare you? Then you're no Bulky Boy. Do you go back for seconds on lasagna, wash it down with a few beers, then chase it with a piece or two of pie and ice cream? Do you walk down mean streets with your head up, shoulders back and jaw set? You're a Bulky Boy.

There's no mistaking the distinctive Bulky Boy icon. He is strong and confident, completely aware and comfortable with his surroundings. Just like you. Remember, Bulky Boy is a lot more than size. Bulky Boy is a guy thing, no two ways about it. It’s manly, it’s gnarly, and actually, it’s just insane good fun wearing Bulky Boy. You don’t have to be an ultimate cage-fighting champion, or the hugest freaking lineman in the NFL (although our clothes will fit you, big man, and turn heads, not from fear, but from: "whoa………sweet shirt, dude").

Frankly, Bulky Boy wasn't created to make hot pants for the pretty boys uptown. We set out to provide a premium, cool, casual and functional clothing line for the man who lives larger than life. Bulky Boy has eye stopping designs for all of the guys, from your pain in the ass little cousin up to your giant “nobody-messes-with me” Uncle and every brother in between. We genuinely care that every man has some fine threads that make the ladies want to line-up to become their arm candy. Have fun, live a little, be a Bulky Boy, because "It's all about the Roll!"


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